My name is Elias Walch. I am an award-winning songwriter and producer based in Mannheim, where I am currently studying Pop Music Design (singer-songwriter) at Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. This page provides you with an overview of my career path so far and highlights the styles of music that I work in. In close collaboration with like-minded professionals, I have established the highly productive songwriting and production team “feldhaus” in Austria.

Elias Martin Walch
Sincerely, me

The field of music I specialize in is best described as song-centered, sung music that is – at least to some extent – handmade. Any production is only as good as the song behind it and it is a prerequisite that said song can be performed with a simple guitar at a campfire. I am constantly looking for hybrid sounds, which combine acoustic and electronic elements and thrill the audience. Being an avowed situational comedian, barbecue enthusiast and wine lover, I enjoy having people in my studio and spending quality time with them.

Personal background

I first learned how to play the trombone, before I fell head over heels for my first drum set. In 2011, I participated in the “Mapex Drummer of Tomorrow” competition (category: under 18 years of age) and took home the trophy. I have not stopped learning how to play other instruments and also singing ever since.

One of my biggest successes was playing the main role in a regional musical production on the Geierwally Freilichtbühne in Elbigenalp in 2018. Moreover, I also wrote most of the music for this play and acted as the musical director for the entire season. This further expanded my repertoire.

In 2019, I realized that I needed to complement my practical skills with a thorough theoretical grounding in order to reach the next level in my musical career. That’s why I applied for the Pop Music Design programme at Popakademie Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg). After passing the auditions with flying colors, I started my academic journey with an emphasis on singing/songwriting in September 2019.

Elias Walch alias Leo

To infinity and beyond!

Cpt. Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story, 1995
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